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axle systems

Axle systems

• Custom designs, made to order
• Cutting-edge aerospace materials & manufacturing processes
• Engineered to absorb the highest loads & finish the longest races
• Double-plunger tripod design for the lowest friction & most severe suspension geometry
• All EMCO Gears axle designs feature maximized strength-to-weight ratios for superior performance & endurance.

We now have high torque capacity tripod axle systems to fit the Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes. These axles are built to with stand the rigors of a 24 hour race and improve suspension travel under torque loads. An added bonus to this highly engineered system is a weight savings of 18 pounds per car set.


EMCO Gears Axle system technology is offered in nine different options for varied applications. Double plunger designed tripod housings and axles are manufactured to fit most current racing cars. EMCO is a sanctioned supplier of parts to the Indy Racing League. Nearly two dozen parts are available from our track-side representatives and sales staff. Contact our engineering staff for your needs regarding custom manufacturing.
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