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EMCo engineering

The EMCO engineering office takes pride in its use of the latest technology to solve difficult design problems for our racing and commercial customers. 
A sampling of services provided at EMCO Gears
• Engineering & Product development of driveline systems
• Reengineering of legacy driveline assemblies
• Manufacturing parts and complicated assemblies from sample components or drawings
• Recommend and implement design improvements
• Reproduce parts to current specifications
• Prototyping
• Machining
• Root cause failure analysis

EMCO engineers work closely with suppliers and researchers to select the finest materials for every project. In addition to using the latest heat treating techniques and equipment, EMCO Gears can apply its specialized coatings and surface finish treatments to enhance the performance of many critical components. Applications used: SolidWorks, Algor and MasterCAM in the design, analysis and manufacture of its high quality components.

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