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Racing Transmissions

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EMCO Gears designs and manufactures racing transmissions for all forms of motorsports. Our design staff utilizes the latest CAD/CAM/CAE technology tools to optimize every transmission design. EMCO Gears works closely with suppliers of the highest quality materials to bring to racing the latest innovations in materials engineering. All components are manufactured to strict quality standards in the United States. Our unparalleled commitment to excellence and responsiveness to customer feedback means that every transmission design is continually improved race after race. Whether it's the latest materials, heat treatment, coatings, surface treatments or innovative designs, EMCO Gears never rests in its effort to provide the customer with the edge that will bring victory.

Racing Transmissions


Bell Housing Adapter
Front-Engine, Rear Wheel Drive



4-Speed H-Pattern with Reverse
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive




Legacy Top-Loader Component Upgrades
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive



2-Speed Push-Pull
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive